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As your Mayor, and alongside everyone at City Hall, I am at your service.

The Mayor’s Office has been working alongside Service London to prepare frequently asked questions based on the kinds of questions we get at the office every day.  We are always striving to update our library, but if you don’t see the answer here, feel free to reach out to my office.

How do I find my ward Councillor?

Looking to find and contact your ward Councillor?


There are fourteen ward Councillors representing different parts of London.  Click here to find your ward.

If you already know your ward Councillor and would like to find there contact information, click here.


Where can I find bus routes and schedules?


The London Transit Commission website has all the information to help you get around London on public transit.  You can also use Google Maps on your phone or online to find the routes and schedules to help you get from A to B.

The LTC's WebWatch will give real-time wait times for buses if you already know your route and schedule.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?


In order to dispute your City of London parking ticket you must attend the following location to file your Notice of Intention to Appear for Trial:

City of London Parking Office
Ontario Court of Justice
824 Dundas Street, London, ON
Between: 8:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. 

If you are not the Registered Owner of the vehicle that was issued the ticket, Third Party Authorization from the Registered Owner of the vehicle is required, in order to file a  Notice of Intention to Appear for Trial on the vehicle owners behalf.

You may wish to arrange for a First Attendance Meeting prior to Trial, to discuss your  parking ticket with a City of London Parking Coordinator.  First Attendance Meetings allow City staff to explain the City by-law and evidence relating to a parking ticket before proceeding to trial.

When does my garbage get collected?


Garbage is collected curbside on a six work-day cycle. For example, if your garbage is collected this week on Monday, next week your collection will be on Tuesday.  There is no garbage collection on statutory holidays. If there is a statutory holiday, your collection day will move forward one additional day for each statutory holiday.  For individual zone calendars, see Garbage Calendar and Zone Maps.

If you live in the downtown Core, garbage is collected twice weekly.  Addresses east of Clarence Street will be collected Wednesdays & Fridays and addresses west of Clarence St will be collected Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Clarence St addresses will be collected Tuesdays & Thursdays.

For more information about garbage collection, see the City of London website.

Which roads are closed for construction?


If you are looking for a full list of roads that are closed for construction and events, see the City of London's Road Report.

If the road you live or work in is closed, click here for information.