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London United for Refugees gives a new opportunity help Syrian refugees settling in London

London, On. December 11: Mayor Matt Brown unveiled London United for Refugees — a new way for Londoners to help refugees of the Syrian crisis settle successfully in our community. This new online campaign launched by United Way London & Middlesex,  London Cross Cultural Learner Centre and supported by Mayor Brown, will raise funds to address the urgent support needs of Syrian refugees who are beginning to arrive in our community.

This is a co-ordinated, community-wide response to support these new Canadians, these new Londoners,” said Mayor Matt Brown. “London is a caring and compassionate city. We’re going to do everything we possibly can to welcome these families.”

For many refugees, escaping the harsh realities of their country is just the first step in a long journey. Once they arrive in London, their new life will be overwhelming. Funds raised through London United for Refugees will be invested in front-line mental health supports, employment services, and community inclusion programs designed to help them settle successfully.

“As this situation began to unfold, it became very clear to us that demands placed on social services in our community would increase,” explained Andrew Lockie, CEO United Way London & Middlesex. “At the same time, donors have been calling looking for ways to help. London United for Refugees is a way to address this urgent need, over and above our annual fundraising Campaign.”

United Way London & Middlesex has a long history of helping refugees and newcomers settle in our community. Already this year, United Way has committed to investing $283,500 in programs and services proven to have the greatest impact in terms of helping newcomers thrive.

To give or for more information visit:


For more information, please contact:

Kelly Ziegner, Director, Community Engagement

519-636-0023 (mobile)

Follow @unitedwaylm or #UnitedforRefugees on twitter for latest updates.

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