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Newsletter April 6

After nearly a decade in London politics, I have decided not to seek another term as Mayor. I will not be running for re-election in 2018.

I am proud of what has been accomplished so far this term and the incredible strides this Council has made toward its vision for London.

Change is not always easy, but we have set the groundwork for the London we want for our children and grandchildren. Through the London Plan and our Strategic Plan we have done so much.

We transitioned to a multi-year budget, secured funding for our transformational rapid transit system and began countless city building infrastructure projects.

We advocated for a $40-billion National Housing Strategy to protect our most vulnerable, we made transit free for children under 12 and more affordable for those experiencing poverty. Ultimately, we have been focused on building a better city for all.

We have taken important steps to mend relationships with our First Nations partners, we created the Community Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and we welcomed so many Syrian refugees in their time of need.

London has become a leader in arts and culture through our Music City strategy, securing the JUNO Awards in 2019. We are transforming Dundas Place, reconnecting with our riverfront and building active transportation networks.

We have seen unprecedented investment in our downtown core, with Fanshawe College building two downtown campuses. We’re seeing public and private investment in London like never before, attracting big retailers like IKEA.

We have truly built this city inward and upward over the last three and a half years. I remain focused on this mandate in the months to come.

It is easy to be critical, I hope Londoners will instead choose to move our city forward.

We have created momentum and I am hopeful that the people of London will seek out a candidate who shares Council’s vision and big ideas; a city that is leading the way in innovation, culture and education.



Matt Brown

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