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Newsletter April 20

Another step forward for London’s bus rapid transit plans, as city staff shared the environmental project report which can be found




The draft environmental project report highlights the recommended designs for the network, background materials and the supporting studies.


London City Council will discuss this at our meeting next week, after previously approving the routes and engaging in extensive public consultation.


This is one of the final steps before we can formally submit for the federal government’s recently announced $204-million funding allocation for transit projects in London under the Public Transit Infrastructure Stream. 


I’d like to thank our provincial partners for recognizing that investments in transit are critical. As you know, we’ve already secured $170-million in funding for this business case from the province.


As we move through the process, there will be even further opportunities for the public to help shape the BRT designs along the dedicated routes.


Last week, we launched Clean and Green. A huge thank you to so many of you who have already taken part in the 20 Minute Makeover challenge. I encourage all Londoners to do their part this spring to help make London the greenest community it can be.


For more information on how to get involved click here



Matt Brown


Grade 7/8 students from Holy Rosary Catholic School learn about local government


Events and Occasions:

·         Phone call with St. Catharines’ Mayor Walter Sendzik

·         Phone call with John D’Orsay

·         Director’s Club Breakfast

·         Meeting with Martha Powell, Scott Mathers, Carolyn Scotchmer and Anthony Card

·         ANOVA Video Shoot

·         Meeting with Mohan Merchea

·         Women’s Canadian Club Spring Luncheon

·         Middlesex-London EMS Trafalger Station Ground Breaking






Groundbreaking ceremony for our new Trafalgar St. EMS Station


·         Marijuana Grower Plans London Processing Plant

·         Fanshawe's Jordan Named OCAA's Top Male Athlete

·         Nitro-Powered Java Among New Offerings on London's Richmond Row

·         Mother Teresa Makes London Boys High School Basketball History

·         Some London Restaurants Ditching Straws Amid Growing Backlash

·         Barriers to be Tested to Protect London Bus Drivers

·         London Artists Open Their Doors to the Public This Weekend

·         Downtown Street Hockey Tourney Revived

·         New Site Helps Police Help Human Trafficking Victims



City of London staff completing the 20-minute makeover challenge

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