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Newsletter: April 1

This week, after six months of extensive research and community consultation, the Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty presented their recommendations.

On March 31, Panel members -  Deputy Mayor Maureen Cassidy, Dr. Chris Mackie, Medical Officer of Health; Vanessa Ambtman-Smith, Aboriginal Health Lead with the Southwest LHIN; Dr. Helene Berman, Professor at Western Health Sciences; Dharshi Lacey, Diversity Program Manager at Pillar; Andrew Lockie, CEO United Way Middlesex-London; Dr. Abe Oudshoorn, Professor at the School of Nursing at Western; and Glen Pearson, co-director of the London Food Bank -  shared the goal to end poverty in one generation. This is an ambitious goal, and it is clear from the Panel’s recommendations that meeting it will require collaboration with partners at all levels of government, as well as community organizations and the private sector.

The statistics are sobering: In London, 17% of our fellow citizens live in poverty; 24% of our children live in poverty; 41% of indigenous people live in poverty; 27% of those living in poverty are persons with disabilities; and there are 11,000 adults are among the working poor here in London.
There are 112 recommendations, and 27 of them are achievable within the first year. These are initiatives like:

  • Establishing a Living Wage figure for London
  • Finding ways to reduce transit-related costs for people with low income
  • Supporting development of the London & Middlesex Food Policy Council

This is far from the end of the conversation; these recommendations lay the groundwork for the tough work ahead. The next step is for the report to be presented at the April 18th SPC Committee Meeting. I would like to thank all those Londoners who took the time to contribute to these recommendations, as well as the individuals and agencies who are already working tirelessly towards ending poverty.

The Panel took on the task of confronting an extremely difficult and complex reality in our community. In selflessly volunteering their time, talent and expertise, each and every member of this panel has demonstrated their relentless commitment to London. I am always inspired by our community, and I know that by working together we can realize the goal of ending poverty and lifting all Londoners up.
As always I look forward to hearing from you. You can connect with me via email:  and/or follow me on Twitter@MayorMattBrown and on Facebook



Mayor Matt Brown

PS: Friends, thank you for reading and supporting my weekly newsletter for the past year. Over the next two weeks, my team and I will be working to redesign this newsletter. We will be back on April 22 with a new format, new design and new content. Stay tuned!

Mayor Matt Brown with member of the Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty - Deputy Mayor Maureen Cassidy (co-chair), Dr.Chris Mackie (co-chair), Vanessa Ambtman-Smith, Dr. Helene Berman, Dharshi Lacey, Andrew Lockie, Dr. Abe Oudshoorn and Glen Pearson.The Panel presented its final recommendations to the Mayor and to the community on March 31, 2016.

Celebrating Londoners

  • Several hundred Londoners came  together to participate in the annual run over the Easter Weekend to support the London Abused Women’s Centre
  • The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) is hosting its 2016 Hospitality Awards Gala at the London Convention Centre on May 9. You can vote for ORHMA Awards until April 22 at

Around London

  • CEO Challenge 2016 in support of London Abused Women’s Centre
  • Meeting with the Honourable Glen Murray, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
  • Cap and Trade - What You Need to Know: An Address by The Hon. Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment organized by the London Chamber of Commerce
  • Canadian Club of London breakfast event with London West MP Kate Young, Parliamentary Secretary for Transportation with Councillors Morgan, Hopkins and Turner
  • Media Conference to present the final recommendations from Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty
  • Meeting with Dr. Michael Strong
  • Night of Heroes in support of Community Living London
  • Veteran’s Memorial Parkway Community Program Celebration with Councillor Squire


Mayor Matt Brown with the Hon. Glen Murray, Minister of Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on March 29, 2016.



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