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Newsletter April 13

With warm weather in the forecast, it’s time to come together as a community to begin spring cleaning in the city.

This week, London Clean & Green 2017 kicks off the 12 Days of Cleaning. It is the 22nd year we have held the Clean & Green program to promote awareness and education about waste reduction, litter prevention and recycling. For more information on each of the 12 Days of Cleaning, click here.

The 12 Days of Cleaning leads up to a special Earth Day 150 Weekend from April 21-23. For more information on Earth Day 150 Weekend, click here.

I encourage you to join one of the many community clean ups, or organize your own.

If you have old computers, TVs, microwaves, small appliances or batteries that you want to get rid of, the 68th Scout group will be accepting these items and much more in the Copps Buildall parking lot April 22 from 9-11 a.m.

A key part of our Strategic Plan is Building a Sustainable City. Our goal is to become of the greenest communities in Canada. In order to do that, we need to work together to protect our environment through waste reduction initiatives and environmentally friendly behavior. You can read more about our Strategic Plan by clicking here.

London is made up of many neighbourhoods, parks and urban spaces. It is our job to ensure they stay beautiful and vibrant through everyday initiatives included in London Clean & Green.



Matt Brown

Kicking off London Clean & Green 2017.

Cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of the Twisted Toque restaurant in downtown London.


Events and Occasions:

  • Jack Richardson London Music Awards Dinner with Bob Ezrin
  • Annual Marconi banquet
  • Vimy Ridge 100th Anniversary commemoration at Remembrance Gardens
  • 30th Anniversary of the Last Flight of the Voodoo
  • 2017 Jack Richardson London Music Awards
  • City of London/Progress London meeting
  • London Clean & Green launch
  • Jim Kennedy Scholarship in Urban Development announcement
  • Twisted Toque grand opening
  • London International Academy graduation ceremony
  • Shift rapid transit ward meeting
  • Meeting with Heather Lumley
  • My Sisters’ Place Easter dinner

Posing for a picture with Flat Stanley for a project by Centennial Public School’s kindergarten class.

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