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Newsletter April 27

To celebrate Earth day the City of London held their annual Clean and Green initiative on Friday and Earth Day London cleanup at St. Julien Park on Sunday.

London’s 22nd Clean and Green initiative saw a great turnout last Friday with 69 businesses participating in the 20-minute makeover. This gives an opportunity for local businesses to give back to the city by cleaning parts of our city. Sunday’s Earth Day  clean-up also saw a great turnout this year. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time to make our city a better place to live.

Holi, the Festival of Colours was celebrated on Saturday at Victoria Park. This ancient Hindu Festival celebrates the beginning of spring and triumph over good and evil. Seven bright colours were thrown across Victoria Park and festival attendees could be spotted throughout the downtown core covered in colours.

Last year, City Council adopted a city-wide initiative to reduce speeding on residential streets. Respect the Limit launched on Monday as an educational campaign through Vision Zero; a multi-national road traffic safety program that aims to achieve a road system with no fatalities or serious injuries. As the weather warms up, please keep in mind Londoners especially kids will be enjoying time outside. Please slow down on city streets. 

Respect the Limit is part of London’s road safety strategy that will run until 2019. If you would like more information or would like your own sign please check here.



Matt Brown

Volunteers for London's 22nd Clean and Green Initiative


Events and Occasions:

·         HOLI Festival of Colour

·         Earth Day London at St. Julien Park

·         2018 LSTAR Economic and Smart Technology Summit

·         Vision Zero Media Event

·         Meeting with Jacqueline Madden & Michael Dawthorne

·         Video Conference with Senate Standing Committee on National Finance

·         Meeting with Lois Fuchs

·         London Health Science Centre Auxiliary Event

·         Official Opening of Sir Arthur Currie Public School, Child Care, and Family Centre Fox Hollow

·         Meeting with His Excellency Naif Alsudairy, Ambassador for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

·         Meeting with His Excellency Ermal Muca, Ambassador of the Republic of Albania, Arlinda Dega, Besnik Rexhvelaj, and Rabi Rafshi.

·         Middlesex-London Health Unit Memorial for the Lives Lost to the Opioid Crisis




Launching Vision Zero's Respect the Limit awareness campaign


· and two other London Firms Recognized for Workplace Excellence

·         Agency Working to End Food Waste Celebrates Successes

·         What Would You do with $7,500? This Guy's Been Giving it Away $30 at a Time

·         What Secrets does this 340-year-old Oak Tree Hold?

·         “Local Tecumseh” Remembered Through Play about First Nations Leader

·         Dr. Jane Goodall was in London to Receive an Honorary Degree from Western

·         A Childhood Cancer Survivor gives back to her Community


Council Briefs:

Roxanne Andrighetti, an award-winning singer songwriter who was born in the Congo but now calls London home opened the meeting with the singing of the national anthem.

Council recognized the work done by the Age Friendly Network, volunteers, agencies and City of London staff who together work to make London an age-friendly community. Recently, London received an Ontario Age Friendly Community Recognition Award for the commitment to taking measurable and tangible actions to make the city age friendly. 

London Poet Laureate Tom Cull helped Council recognize April as National Poetry Month by sharing one of his poems in Chambers. Tom is a creative writing professor, community organizer and active participant in London’s vibrant arts scene.


Meeting with the Albanian Ambassador 




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