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Newsletter February 24

As we continue to move forward with Shift, our bus rapid transit plans, it’s important that we are engaging every Londoner and providing everyone with the opportunity to provide feedback and voice opinions.

To date, we have had more than 100 community meetings and heard from more than 14,000 Londoners including business associations, community associations and other stakeholders. This is the largest infrastructure project in London’s history, a $560-million investment in our city that will generate more than $1.3-billion in economic, environmental and transportation benefits. Click here to learn more about Shift.

When it comes to funding this project, the city’s investment is capped at $129-million and is almost entirely funded by development charges and not the tax levy. The rest of the funding will need to come from our provincial and federal partners.

Economist Mike Moffatt, a Londoner, has recently written an interesting article that points out that if provincial funds for transit were allocated on a per-capita basis, over the past five years, London would have received $413-million. Instead, we received just $51-million. Taxpayers are already paying for transit – just not here. To read more about this, click here.

London is the largest city in Canada without a rapid transit system. The provincial and federal governments have made infrastructure investments in communities like ours already, and they are reviewing our business case. We are ready and we are waiting.

BRT will address the growing issue of congestion. One bus can replace up to 40 cars. That will mean less time stuck in traffic on your commute, less cars looking for parking and less pollution in our air. We simply cannot continue to pay to widen our roads. It is unsustainable. BRT will help us avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in future capital and maintenance costs.

Going forward, we will continue to hold important public discussions to ensure that everybody is up to speed on the plans. This project is a made-in-London solution that will improve travel throughout the city and support our community for decades to come. 



Matt Brown

Speaking with students at Sir John A MacDonald Public School on Sea of Pink Day.

Congratulating Sarah, the winner of the Lewis Coray Trailblazer Award at London Police headquarters.


Events and Occasions:

  • Meeting with Craig Linton
  • Meeting with Dr. Allison Bramwell
  • Meeting with Jamie Cleary
  • Meeting with Dieufert Bellot
  • Sea of Pink Day at Sir John A. MacDonald Public School
  • Rapid Transit Public Information Centre
  • 25th Annual Night of Heroes Fashion Show and Silent Auction
  • Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School visit
  • Meeting with Jake Pastore
  • Meeting with Cheryl Mazak
  • L’Arche 20th Anniversary Celebration

Sir_Frederick_Banting_Secondary_School.JPGSpeaking with students at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School.

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