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Newsletter January 13

It is less than a month after Christmas, and many Londoners are returning to their routines of going to work or school.

We need to remember that there are still so many people living in poverty in London who are struggling to make ends meet. It is important that we continue to stay focused on reducing poverty in our community and make this city a better place for all.

A recommendation in the “London For All” report suggested that London become a Basic Income Guarantee pilot site. The province is currently collecting information about different communities in Ontario to determine where best to run the pilot project. You can fill out a survey here before January 31 to help bring the project to London. If you were not able to make it out to a community consultation on Thursday, January 12 and still want to have your say on the Basic Income Guarantee, you can email

Lifting Londoners out of poverty will take the work of the whole community and will benefit all of us. Together, I am certain we can achieve this.

We are also striving to become one of the greenest cities in Canada and have recently taken an important step in that direction by reducing the amount of garbage we set out at the curb. Starting on Monday, January 16, each household will be able to put out a maximum of three garbage containers. By volume, about 20 per cent of the waste we put in the garbage could be recycled. This will encourage all of us to recycle more, resulting in a longer life for our landfill. Any additional containers over the limit will need a garbage tag, which you can purchase for $1.50 each at any one of these locations:

  • Oxford Street EnviroDepot: 1450 Oxford St West (reduced winter hours)
  • Clarke Road EnviroDepot: 28 Clarke Road (reduced winter hours)

  • Try Recycling Depot North (under City contract): 21463 Clarke Road, Arva

  • W12A Landfill: 3502 Manning Drive

Meanwhile, Christmas trees in Zones A, B, F will be collected from the curbside on Saturday, January 14 to ensure they get composted. These are two waste reduction and environmentally friendly alternatives that are part of making London a more sustainable city as part of our Strategic Plan. Click here for more information on the garbage container limit. Click here for more information on Christmas tree recycling.

Finally, if you happen to pass by the southeast corner of Victoria Park you’ll notice some construction work happening at our Cenotaph. This work is one of three signature investments in London’s community infrastructure and is part of $150-million being allocated by the Government of Canada for hundreds of projects across the nation to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Cenotaph’s original limestone veneer is being restored, the inner concrete core is being repaired, the monument is being waterproofed and names of veterans lost in the Afghanistan War are being added. These repairs are expected to be completed for July 1 so that it will continue to stand as a memorial for the lives we have lost to war for years to come.


Mayor Matt Brown


Making an appearance on daytime London on Rogers TV with Bob Smith to discuss the year ahead.

Joined by leaders from the Global Student Leadership Summit coming to London in 2018.

Events and Occasions:

  • Visited Hi Tech Auto Care Centre

  • Meeting with Stu Saunders
  • Phone call with Jake Pastore

  • London Professional Chinese Business Association New Years’ Celebration

  • Town Hall with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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