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Newsletter January 6

Happy New Year. As we look ahead to 2017 there are many exciting plans that City Council will be focused on this year.

First, council has reached an important milestone as we work towards implementing The London Plan.

Late last week the province approved the plan with some modifications. A report summarizing the modifications and next steps will be coming to council in January. We’re going to grow much more inward and upward over the next 20 years and this vision is already coming into focus. Over the past two years this Council has approved over 1600 multi-residential units (twice the number approved over a four year period by the previous Council) and we have cranes in our downtown for the first time since 2012.

Our plans for Rapid Transit are moving forward too. We recently launched the environmental assessment for the Richmond Street tunnel that will allow buses and emergency vehicles to travel under Oxford Street and the rail crossing. In the coming months we will be watching the 2017 provincial and federal budgets for funding announcements. This $500-million investment is expected to produce over $1.3-billion in economic, environmental and transportation benefits for our community. This program is the foundation of The London Plan. Click here to read more about SHIFT.

Speaking of transit, starting January 1st, children 12 and under began riding on LTC buses for free. This was one of the more than 100 recommendations from the “London For All” report to end poverty within a generation. Another recommendation from that report is for London to become a Basic Income Guarantee pilot site. In 2016, the province announced the pilot project to guarantee a minimum level of income to low-income individuals and families. There are three ways to participate in community consultations to bring that project to our city: a community consultation session on January 12 (click here), consultation for those with lived experience (email or complete the province’s survey about basic income (click here).

We are also making progress on the Dundas Place project, completing an environmental assessment on the path towards making Dundas the most exciting place in London. This “flex street” will encourage residents to visit the downtown core to eat at our exceptional restaurants, visit some of our unique shops or grab a drink before taking in a show or hockey game. The study can be found here.

The Strategic Plan that Council adopted within its first 100 days is continuing to plot the course for this term and building a better city for every Londoner. We are 95 per cent either complete or on target with initiatives in the Strategic Plan, focusing on building a sustainable city, strengthening our community, growing our economy and leading in public service.

Our Community Economic Road Map is also leading how we grow our economy through five economic priorities: a city for entrepreneurs, a supportive business environment, an exceptional downtown and a vibrant urban environment, a top quality workforce and a national centre of excellence for medical innovation and commercialization. Of the 96 initiatives, we are more than 85 per cent either complete or on target. We must continue this important work to realize our vision of becoming a leader in commerce, culture and innovation.

We are now beginning to carry out plans that City Council outlined in our first two years. These are important, city building initiatives that will make London a better place to live for all. I am so excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of us as we move into the new year and I cannot wait to see these projects come to life.



Mayor Matt Brown



Events and Occasions:

  • HMCS Prevost New Year’s Levee
  • Wolseley Barracks All Messes New Year’s Levee
  • 427 (London) Wing RCAFA New Year’s Levee
  • 2017 Look Ahead Interview with CBC
  • Meeting with Mark Johnston
  • Meeting with Jane Antoniak
  • Meeting with Michele Sands
  • The Brick Grand Opening
  • Meeting with Larry MacKinnon, Steve Pellarin, Janette MacDonald and Debra Mountenay

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