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Newsletter July 7

One of London’s largest festivals returns to Victoria Park this weekend, attracting some of the world’s best musicians and artists, cuisine from different continents and hundreds of thousands of Londoners.

Sunfest is an award winning festival and is a favourite among locals and visitors. It is a celebration of the many different cultures that make up our city, our province, our country and the world.

I encourage all Londoners to visit Victoria Park to take in the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of Sunfest. There are dozens of performances over the weekend. All of the information about the festival can be found by clicking here.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the organizers and volunteers who put on an exceptional festival each year.

We also celebrated Canada’s sesquicentennial this past weekend, complete with incredible local music and food, the SESQUI dome, a citizenship ceremony and so much more. Thousands of Londoners made their way downtown for SesquiFest and I saw plenty of pride for our country.

Also this week, Health Minister Jane Philpott visited London for a roundtable discussion about the opioid crisis. HIV and Hepatitis C rates in our city are at an all-time high and Londoners are finding used needles in our parks and on our streets and sidewalks.

Once again, we must acknowledge that London is facing these issues and determine an appropriate course of action with wrap-around support for those who inject drugs.



Matt Brown

Welcoming 50 new Canadians during a citizenship ceremony on Canada Day.

Joined by Health Minister Jane Philpott, MP Kate Young, MP Peter Fragiskatos and others for a roundtable on opioids.


Events and Occasions:

  • East London Optimist Canada Day Celebration
  • Harris Park Canada Day Celebration and Citizenship Ceremony
  • Eldon House Confederation Party
  • White Oaks Optimist Canada Day Celebration
  • MC SesquiFest
  • Meeting with Steve Ryall
  • Meeting with Faisal Rehman
  • Meeting with Barry Sandler
  • Meeting with Jen Pastorius, Frank Filice
  • Opioids Roundtable with Health Minister Jane Philpott
  • TD Sunfest Opening
  • World Student Day

Handing out thousands of cupcakes baked for Canada 150.

Bringing greetings to the opening ceremony of TD Sunfest.

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