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Newsletter June 16

Fanshawe College gave us an update on their expansion into downtown. The new location, at the old Kingsmill building on Dundas Street, will be completed in September 2018 and will bring an additional 1,600 students to the heart of our city, bringing the total to 2,000. I am so pleased by the work that has been done so far and cannot wait to see it when it is ready.

The Minister of Seniors Affairs, Dipika Damerla, visited London this week, the first city in Canada to be recognized by the World Health Organization as age friendly. For the first time in London’s history, seniors outnumber children and our aging population is projected to grow to over 100,000 by 2036. That means that London needs to offer programs and initiatives to support older adults in our community.

The City is working towards completing an Age Friendly London Action Plan for the next three years aimed at doing just that. To read more about how we are making London an age friendly city, click here.

Our federal counterparts recently announced about $1.3-million in funding for infrastructure and Canada 150 projects in London. Specifically, this money will go towards a new splash pad at Queen’s Park in London, improving the Covent Garden Market’s outdoor skating rink, expanding the Kiwanis Park Pathway System and improving Constitution Park. Thank you to MPs Peter Fragiskatos and Kate Young for this important announcement.

Two weekends from now, Sesquifest will take over downtown London with the best local arts, music, restaurants, shops and more to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. There will be summer ice skating at Budweiser Gardens, food trucks and plenty of concerts to fill your Canada Day weekend. For more information about Sesquifest, click here.

I also encourage you to get out and about this weekend. The Beer and BBQ Show kicks off at the Western Fair on Friday. You can find more information on it here. The Kids Expo begins on Friday as well and runs all weekend in Victoria Park. For more information on it, click here.



Matt Brown

Meeting with London’s African Business Owners group alongside Councillor Mo Salih and Councillor Harold Usher.


Canada’s Minister of Seniors Affairs, Dipika Damerla, visited London, the first Canadian city to be recognized by the World Health Organization as age friendly.


Events and Occasions:

  • Community Fun Day at Westminster Park
  • Canada 150 Summer Staff Reunion
  • Decoration Sunday
  • Evening of Celebration of St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of the City of Jerusalem
  • Mayoral Monday on AM980
  • African Business Owners Meeting
  • MindGrind on 103.1 Fresh FM
  • Confederation Research at Woodland Cemetery
  • Lunch with Josephine Pepe
  • Meeting with Minister Dipika Damerla
  • Meeting with MP Karen Vecchio

Council Briefs:

  • The Mayor recognized Archie Brindleton for being the first dog known to visit and review 458 official park spaces in London, Ontario. Archie is also the Official Fire Safety Dog for the London Fire Department. He was thanked for his contributions to the community.
  • Council approved the amendment of by-laws to permit amplified music and dancing to occur legally on bar patios in London. The Noise By-law was amended to establish a temporary permitting process that allows for amplified music on patios, with the potential for revocation or non-renewal if substantive and ongoing issues occur. The zoning by-law amendment is subject to an appeal period before it comes into effect.
  • Council approved amendments to the Southwest Area Plan policies for the Wonderland Road Community Enterprise Corridor to implement the policy direction of the London Plan. Council elected to maintain the current cap on commercial space, with direction for staff to evaluate the potential impacts of raising or eliminating the cap.
  • Council approved the development of 1800 Cedarhollow Boulevard for 9 residential units.
  • Council approved the amendment of Sections 2 and 4 of the Z-1 Zoning By-law to regulate the use of shipping containers and trailers for permanent and temporary uses.
  • Council approved a zoning change for property located at 3350 and 3460 Morgan Avenue to permit a Continuum-of-Care Facility to be developed on the site.
  • Council approved a zoning amendment for the property at 905 Adelaide Street North from a residential zone to one that will permit conversion to office space for use as a medical/dental office.
  • The Traffic and Parking By-law was amended by Council to improve traffic flow, pedestrian mobility and safety in many parts of London. The changes include the addition of a pedestrian crossover, lower speed limits in some school zones, and changes in parking to support new bike lanes.
  • The City’s overnight parking program will continue in its current form. Between September 1, 2016 and the Victoria Day weekend in 2017 over 48,100 overnight parking passes were issued by the City.
  • Council approved that the 2018 Annual Budget Update will be tabled on October 30. It will focus on budget amendments that cannot be accommodated within the approved multi-year budget that meet the criteria of new or changed regulation, new council direction or cost drivers causing service areas to be significantly over target. 


Welcomed the Official Fire Safety Dog to the London Fire Department, Archie Brindleton, for a special recognition at City Council.

At the Fanshawe College open house for an update on construction of its new location in the Kingsmill building.

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