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Newsletter March 31

This week, London took a major step toward several truly transformational projects, including SHIFT rapid transit.

Our federal partners announced that London is getting $37-million in funding for infrastructure projects, including rapid transit, current system upgrades, cycling tracks and pedestrian bridges.


This means we can now begin detailed design work for our rapid transit plans, a project that will have over $1-billion in economic, environmental and transportation benefits.


We can also upgrade our existing fleet of vehicles and add new ones. We can replace pedestrian bridges and add new ones. We can move forward with our plans for Dundas Place, a significant investment in our downtown that will see our core come alive with bars and restaurants spilling out into the streets.


This investment will allow us to improve our city’s active transportation networks and lay the groundwork for the shift that is coming.


I’d like to thank our federal representatives, MP Fragiskatos and MP Young, for being a strong voice for London in Ottawa. As well as MPP and Deputy Premier Deb Matthews. City building is best when all orders of government work together.


Elsewhere, we saw two critically important and fantastic organizations merge. The Sexual Assault Centre of London and Women’s Community House are now one.


I look forward to all the great work the new organization Anova will do and I thank everyone involved for their commitment to such important services. I wish you all the best as a new, amalgamated organization.



Matt Brown


Councillor vanHolst, Councillor Helmer, Deputy Premier Deb Matthews, Chair Sheryl Rooth, Fanshawe Student Union, Western Student Union, Councillor Cassidy, Councillor Park, MP Kate Young and MP Peter Fragiskatos at PTIF Phase 1 announcement



Events and Occasions:

  • Techalliance and Lighthouse Labs HTML 150 Event
  • Indigenous Student Association 11th Annual Pow Wow
  • Fundraising dinner for Muslim Resource Centre
  • Greek Independence Day event
  • Thames Valley Science and Engineering Fair
  • Job Skills and Training announcement with Minister Jane Philpott
  • Meeting with John Matsui
  • Meeting with Marque Smith
  • Maples for Vimy event
  • Meeting with Mike Couture and Ben Edwards
  • Innovation Works 101 Session
  • Meeting with Dr. Michael Strong
  • Meeting with Al Mackinnon
  • Meeting with Rochelle Marshall
  • Meeting with Susan Toth
  • Business After 5 event
  • Robert’s Road: “I Can, YOU Can” event
  • Shift Rapid Transit meeting with Richmond St. business owners
  • Phase 1 Funding announcement
  • Anova program launch
  • Opening Doors for Accessibility


Fanshawe President Peter Devlin, the Honourable Jane Phillpot, MP Peter Fragiskatos and MP Kate Young at Fanshawe College


At the Maples for Vimy send off event


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