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Newsletter May 26

London saw its fair share of rain this week, which can be a nightmare for residents whose basements are prone to flooding.

On Wednesday, the federal and provincial governments and the City of London announced an investment of $36-million to significantly improve our sewage infrastructure, prevent basement flooding and reduce sewage discharge into our river.

This funding will go towards increasing the capacity of the sewer systems, improving storm retention ponds and waterways, separating sewer lines and much more. It is costly and time consuming to have to deal with a flooded basement when there is significant rainfall. Through this investment, Londoners will be relieved from the stresses that can bring.

This investment follows one of the pillars of our Strategic Plan, “Building a Sustainable City.” We are focused on becoming one of the greenest cities in Canada. To read more about the Clean Water Wastewater Fund investment, click here.

I am hopeful that the gloomy weather turns to sunshine soon so that Londoners can enjoy our beautiful parks, paths and patios. The Northwest London Resource Centre has created a social enterprise to help you enjoy the outdoors with ice cream.

The Social Sundae Project will operate out of The Scoop Hyde Park at Unger’s Market and they have hired 10 youth to engage the community through ice cream. I wish them all the best during their summer operations.



Matt Brown

Announcing a significant investment to our sewer infrastructure with London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos, London West MP Kate Young and Deputy Premier Deb Matthews.

Participating in Crime Stoppers Jail-a-Thon with Susan Toth and Ali Chahbar.


Events and Occasions:

  • Hockey Night in Canada Play On!
  • Meeting with Greg Hanbuch and Alfredo Caxaj, Executive and Artistic Director of Sunfest
  • Meeting with Caitlyn Campbell
  • ReForest London Canada 150 Tree Challenge
  • Clean Water Wastewater Fund Announcement at Greenway Pollution Control Centre
  • FCM Diverse Voices for Change Workshop
  • Meeting with Jim Fonger
  • Crime Stoppers Jail-a-Thon
  • Rogers Media Connected for Success Launch
  • Cops and Cowboys in support of Special Olympics

Joined by Rogers, the London and Middlesex Housing Corporation, Councillor Michael van Holst, MP Peter Fragiskatos and residents at the Connected for Success announcement. 

Planting trees with London West MP Kate Young and ReForest London for the Canada 150 Tree Challenge.

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