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Newsletter November 17

This week, I met with representatives from ANOVA, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Laura Capobianco the Global Advisor from the United Nations to discuss the City of London’s Safe Cities Initiative.

ANOVA and other community partners will report back to Council on concrete steps we can take to make sure London’s public spaces are safe and empowering for all women and children. This is a grassroots way to ensure we are a safe and an accessible city for all.

The City of London, together with the Canada Mortgage, Housing Corporation and the Housing Development Corporation hosted the 2017 National Housing Day Forum.

Together we reflected on the accomplishments and steps that have been made in addressing housing and homelessness in our city. The focus continues to be on ensuring all Londoners have safe and affordable housing.

We are making progress as two new affordable housing projects were announced for 2018. A ten-storey building with 82 units and the second a fifty-four unit building are amongst those that are planned.   

Homeless prevention and affordable housing are key areas of focus in City Council’s Strategic Plan for the City of London 2015-2019.

Community members, City officials and local Members of Parliament joined the Blackfriars Bridge Rehabilitation project team to say farewell temporarily as the bridge undergoes rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation process will include the removal of non-structural components, lifting of the bridge and careful dismantling. It will then be transported to an off-site facility for rehabilitation and will be reinstalled in fall 2018. The engineering involved to accomplish this is amazing. You can follow the progress at the Blackfriars Bridge Restoration page.

City Councillors and I met with local Members of Parliament to discuss London’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and the National Housing Strategy. Five BRT Public Information Sessions will be held the week of December 11th. Residents will have the opportunity to speak with City staff and to view a presentation from the project team. For more details on this project and session information visit the SHIFT page.

Earlier this week, Council approved the Urban Agriculture Strategy. This strategy will go a long way to meet eleven out of one hundred recommendations in the London for All report.

Including, “Support local policies and strategies that encourage more community gardens and urban farms on public and private land to provide space for residents to come together, volunteer, and grow their own food.” This is an important step towards removing barriers faced by many in our community.   

This weekend is voting day in our Neighbourhood Decision Making projects. Please visit your local library to cast your ballot. Your ideas, your vote London.



Matt Brown


City Staff and MP Kate Young and MP Peter Fragiskatos at Blackfriars Bridge


Events and Occasions:

  • Remembrance Day Parade at Cenotaph
  • HMCS Prevost Remembrance Day Reception
  • Parkwood Remembrance Day Service
  • 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Polish Combatants Association
  • Meeting with UN Representative Laura Capobianco, Dr. Kate Graham of Western University and Dr. Annalise Trudell of ANOVA to discuss Safe Cities
  • Western Pints & Politics
  • Jack Richardson Music Hall of Fame Birthday Party
  • Hope in the City Breakfast
  • National Housing Day 2017
  • Meeting with Barry Sandler, Sean Ford and Jacqui Fenlon of Dancor, Leanne Hayward from 3M, Cindy Lawrence from Cargill, and Cam Cunningham the Former Chair of VMP to discuss Industrial Tree Planting Strategies
  • Meeting with local Members of Parliament: MP Peter Fragiskatos, MP Kate Young, MP Irene Mathyssen, and MP Karen Vecchio
  • GDLS Visit to discuss Economic Development
  • Discover London Treasure Hunt 

Council Briefs:

Corporate Services Committee hosted MP Peter Fragiskatos, MP Irene Mathyssen,MP Kate Young, and MP Karen Vecchio at City Hall


Meeting with UN Global Advisor Laura Capobinaco, Dr. Annalise Trudell from ANOVA and Dr. Kate Graham from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 


At Western University for Pints & Politics


Remembrance Day Ceremony at Victoria Park


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