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Newsletter October 29

This weekend represents a unique opportunity for Londoners to weigh in on how City Council spends money in their community.

Through the Neighbourhood Decision Making Pilot Project, residents submit ideas on how to spend a portion of the municipal budget in their communities.


The two communities involved in the pilot project are Medway and Ward 13. Medway residents are able to vote on one of 19 ideas this Saturday, October 29 at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School.


Ideas for potential projects were submitted by community members over a five month period, then were assessed for feasibility. This week, residents have campaigned with the hopes of seeing their ideas become a reality in their own neighbourhoods.


Meanwhile, residents of Ward 13 will have a chance to vote on 11 proposals on Saturday, November 5.


Londoners are showing they want to be involved in how their money is spent in their respective communities. Through this project, we are engaging citizens, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to be a part of the process in making their community the best it can be. Those who live in these neighbourhoods know their needs best, and know where resources should be spent.


With our Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy, we are committed to making neighbourhoods vibrant, connected, and distinctive. Great neighbourhoods make a great city for us all to live.





Mayor Matt Brown

NEWSLETTER_3_-_KOATS_FOR_KIDS.JPG                                                     Donating winter coats at the Boys and Girls Club of London




Pinning of the first poppy by the Royal Canadian Legion


Events and Occasions:

  •  Attended Mountain Equipment Co-op grand opening
  • Family Wellness Fun Fair hosted by Vanier Children’s Services

  • 31 Service Battalion Service Parade

  • London Health Sciences Centre’s Mental Health Walk/Run at Springbank Gardens

  • Tour of London Christian Academy

  • LCC Board Meeting

  • King’s Women in Politics Networking Event at King’s University College

  • Scan Away Hunger campaign launch at Metro

  • North East School construction kick-off ceremony

  • LIUNA Local 1059 apprentice recognition event

  • Pinning of first poppy by Legion of London

  • Donated coats at the Boys and Girls Club of London in support of Koats for Kids



Visiting London Christian Academy

Council Briefs:

  • Council approved adding Regina Mundi College to the inventory of Heritage Resources.

  • Council approved the Terms of Reference for the Byron Gravel Pits secondary plan.

  • Council voted to change the zoning at Masonville Place to provide for additional floor area for entertainment uses on the second floor of the former Target department store.

  • Council requested staff to report back after an additional public participation meeting regarding the new proposed Sign and Canopy By-law.

  • Council received for information reports regarding enumeration results for the City’s Homeless Prevention System as well as the Emergency Shelters 2011 – 2015.

  • Council directed staff to proceed with renovations to complete the City’s Cat Adoption Centre on Windemere Road.

  • Council directed staff to report back regarding the City’s workplace diversity plan.

  • Council received for information the 2016 – 2019 Tax Calculator Web Tool.

  • Council approved new fees and charges under the Fees and Charges By-law.

  • Following a presentation from Downtown London, Council asked staff to report back regarding establishing an Urban Core Coordinator position and directed staff to take steps to help manage ongoing “street culture” issues in Market Lane as a pilot project.

  • Council requested the City Clerk report back on procedures to eliminate the second deputy mayor position on Council.

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