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Newsletter: October 30, 2015

It was an honour to receive the first Poppy of the year from the Victory Legion this week. The annual campaign officially kicked off today (October 30) and will see Canadians proudly wear the Poppy as a sign a respect, gratitude and remembrance for our veterans and their ultimate sacrifice.

Ability First Coalition, which promotes inclusivity in the work place, celebrated employers who hire for ability first. It was great to see Val Nyhout, a local entrepreneur who sells handmade cards and T-shirts and who I met last year, now working with Diply. Thanks to employers like Diply for making London better.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Rotarians in our community to thank them for all that they do in and around our community and to also discuss several key issues your city council is working on — Rapid Transit, the London Plan, multi-year budgeting, Back to the River, to name a few.  

Students at St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School learned about snow plowing and winter safety. Thank you for welcoming me to your school. Thank you to students from London Central Secondary School’s Forest City Program for coming to my office for a lively discussion on current affairs. I also met with students, who received the David Rubinoff Family Leadership Award for going above and beyond their volunteer commitment in our community. Well done! 

As always I look forward to hearing from you. You can connect with me via email:  and/or follow me on Twitter @MayorMattBrown and on Facebook at



Mayor Matt Brown

PS: It’s that time of the year again! Flu shots are now available across the city and the province. You can get one at your doctor’s office or at a local pharmacy. I got mine at Rexall on October 30!


Mayor Matt Brown with students from St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School Snow Plow and Winter Safety Awareness Day on October 27, 2015.


Celebrating Londoners

  • Congratulations to London’s Forked River Brewing Company on getting approval for a retail store
  • Congratulations to Kyla Bushell, the 2015 recipient of the Tim Hickman Memorial Health and Safety Scholarship
  • Corus Entertainment London, Hampton Inn by Hilton London and Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market were recognized at the Ability First Awards for promoting inclusive hiring practices in London
  • Thank you to Londoner Mike Mullligan for an inspiring speech at the Ability First Champions Awards. Mike sustained a spinal cord injury in 1996 that left him in a wheel chair. Mike went on get a degree in engineering from Western University, work with 3M Canada in London and now owns and operates Moving Forward Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre



Mayor Matt Brown with Taylor Ablitt, Tara Klisht and Val Nyhout at the Ability First Champion Awards 2015 on October 30, 2015.



Mayor Matt Brown with Mayor Mike Bradley of Sarnia and Mike Mulligan of Moving Forward Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre at Ability First Champion Awards 2015 on October 30, 2015.


Around London

The Mayor had the opportunity to attend the following events: 

  • Rotary Club of London Interactive Discussion
  • Snow Plow and Winter Safety Awareness Day with students from St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School
  • Opening Ceremony of the Electrical Power and Energy Conference
  • Meeting with students from the Forest City Program at London Central Secondary School
  • Meeting with David Rubinoff Family Leadership Award winners
  • First Poppy presentation with the Victory Legion
  • Community Mayor’s Breakfast with Hyde Park Rotary Club of London
  • Annual Emergency Training and Exercise at the Emergency Operations and Training Centre
  • Ability First Champion Awards Celebration
  • Soup and Chili luncheon with Childreach
  • Centre of Hope Anniversary of Withdrawal
  • Flu shot with Rexall


Mayor Matt Brown with Bev Zaifman, Director, United Jewish Alliance London and students who received the David Rubinoff Family Leadership Award for going above and beyond their volunteer commitment in our community. The students met with the Mayor on October 27, 2015.


Mayor Matt Brown received the first poppy of the year from the Victory Legion on October 27, 2015.


Mayor Matt Brown with Coun. Morgan at the Hyde Park Rotary Club breakfast on October 26, 2015.


Mayor Matt Brown with Robb Doyle, Pete Rwankole, Thomas Cermak, Griffin Martell and Bob Klanac of LondonFUSE during a tour of their home on October 28, 2015.


Mayor Matt Brown with MPP Teresa Armstrong, Coun. Armstrong and Coun. Zaifman at Childreach’s Soup and Chili event in support of United Way of London Middlesex on October 30, 2015. 

London in the Headlines

Council Briefs

Council approved a zoning amendment to allow for paid parking for a medical specialty building at 2605 -2651 Tokala Trail.

Council voted to adopt the terms of reference for the archaeological master plan review.

Council accepted a recommendation by the Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee for staff to consider developing a Sustainability Statement which could be incorporated into the London Plan and include a vision, goals, principles, strategies and a definition of sustainability.

Council authorized the Mayor and City Manager to sign the Principles of Collaboration and Commitmentas proposed by the University Students’ Council of Western University to work together on items of shared interest.

Council approved Addiction Services of Thames Valley as the host agency to oversee the Street Level Women at Rick Prevention Program.

Council received for information the Age-Friendly London two-year progress report.

Council referred to staff a request to study protocols related to tree trimming and wildlife displacement.

Council also referred to staff for review and consideration a proposed by-law regarding the chaining/tethering/penning of dogs.

Council referred to staff for a review a request from improved signage and public education related to existing e-bike and e-scooter legislation governing pathways and sidewalks as well as the potential to licence the vehicles.

Council approved purchase of a driver simulator at a price of $169,342 for training drivers of fire department vehicles  and requested staff to report back on other training methods that might lessen accidents involving fire trucks.

Council approved additional funding of approximately $2 million to complete renovations of the Normal School in Wortley Village.

Council approved a ranked balloting process with respect to selection of the deputy mayor and appointment of Council members to various boards and commissions.

Council added comments to the Provinces review of the Municipal Act and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act to include the considerations of expanding sanctions available to municipal Councils and courts of law to better deal with situations involving misconduct of members of council.

Council approved providing $300,000 to the London Arts Council to fund various groups to provide orchestral musical services for the community. Council also took no action on a motion to ask the Arts Council to add a City Councillor to its board.

Council voted to approve terms of reference for a study into the creation of cultural districts in the city that are defined as areas to concentrate entertainment.

Council referred a review Council compensation to the Governance Working Group.

Council referred to staff a request from the Downtown London Business Association for a $200,000 grant in lieu of parking revenues for the month of December.

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