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Newsletter October 6

As we experience more extreme weather due to climate change, London is investing in proactive and protective infrastructure. 

This week, MP Peter Fragiskatos announced a $3.6-million investment from the federal government in the West London Dyke expansion, on behalf of Minster of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale. 

With additional investments from the provincial government and the City of London, almost $10-million is being put toward phases three and four of the project, as we raise the dyke in an effort to protect Londoners from the disasters and heartbreak of flooding.

This expansion protects 1,200 buildings and roughly 2,600 people. These are the types of investments we need to make to ensure our community is safe and secure, should the worst happen. Thank you to our partners and engineers for making this project a reality. 

As we look toward the long Thanksgiving Weekend and celebrate all we are grateful for please remember not all Londoners are as fortunate. 

Thanksgiving is an important time for our local food banks. Over 11,100 households used the Food Bank last year. Please consider making a donation to support someone in need.

Have a fantastic long weekend. 


Matt Brown

Meeting with Grade 7/8s from Antler River Elementary School 

With MP Peter Fragiskatos, Councillor Anna Hopkins and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority representatives at the West London Dyke expansion announcement

Newsmakers :

Events and Occasions: 

  • Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
  • Emancipation Day Celebration
  • Change of Command Ceremony
  • True Heroes NICU Charity Ball
  • Meeting with Henry and Betty Gu
  • Meeting with Don Kerr and Joseph Michalski
  • Economic Road Map Advisory Panel
  • Meeting with Tina Birkhold, Kate Romnes and Chole Romnes
  • Dinner with Minister Naqvi after Opening of the Courts
  • Meeting with Kevin George
  • Apexx Radio Interview
  • Visit Johnstone and Cowling LLP
  • Grade 7/8 Visit with London Arts Council
  • Meeting with Josephine Ayeni and Jeffrey Motunde
  • Meeting with Audrey Cooper
  • Meeting with Guilene Fotso
  • Gardening on Broughdale Ave.
  • West London Dyke Funding Announcement
  • Meeting with Brian Gibson
  • Meeting with Landon Tulk and Tobi Solebo
  • Meeting with Japanese delegation 
Serving up breakfast at City Hall in support of the United Way 


Council Briefs: 

  • A moment of silence was observed to remember the victims of the recent violent events in Las Vegas and Edmonton.
  • The Mayor and Council recognized City employees who have achieved 25 years of service.
  • In other Council business:
  • Council requested staff report back to the Civics Works Committee with respect to additional sidewalk installation options on the east side of Regal Drive in the Hillcrest Public School area.
  • Council acknowledged the City’s achievement of 41 years of consecutive Aaa credit rating from Moody’s Investors Service. 
  • Council referred the revised Council Policy: Use of Corporate Resources during an Election Period back to the Corporate Services Committee for additional discussion.
  • Council received the employee absenteeism 2017 mid-year report for information. 
  • Council received an update report on pay equity
  • Council received a staff report with respect to the planned rerouting of transit buses off Dundas Street in downtown core.
  • Council received the One River Environment Assessment Agency Advisory Committee Report and Public Consultation Report.
  • Council referred the approval for draft plan subdivision official plan and zoning by-law amendments for properties located at 1635 Commissioners Road East and 2624 Jackson Road to staff for further discussions with the applicant on how the subdivision could be modified to improve views onto natural heritage areas. 
  • Council directed staff to report back with a draft agreement between the City of London and the Municipality of Middlesex Centre with respect to sanitary and water servicing provision for the settlement area of Arva that would reflect the current settlement boundary of Arva and new billing terms with respect to the costs of providing these services.

Helping repair Bess Srahulek's garden on Broughdale Ave. 

Meeting with a municipal delegation from Japan 

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