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Newsletter October 7

Canada is facing a housing crisis.

At a landmark summit hosted by Mayor John Tory in Toronto last week, myself and mayors from major cities across the country gathered to discuss affordable housing and the issues facing our communities.

The resounding message was that we need a viable National Housing Strategy that benefits all. We need to work together to address this crisis.

Right now, there are 2,550 households in London waitlisted for social housing. Those people spend an average of 1.5 years waiting to get into a safe and secure home. That is far, far too long.  

That number reflects just one group. Those who are the working poor are also struggling to find affordable housing. The waitlist does not encompass those who are on the cusp of eligibility or those who are unable to access community resources.

London has a vacancy rate of less than 3% and the average monthly rent is $1,400. This makes it nearly impossible for those trying to lift themselves out of poverty to get ahead.

We need to find better ways to maintain our existing housing stock and we need to create more housing to address the gap.

In London, we are finding new ways to tackle this challenge. Our recently launched Housing Development Corporation (HDC) was created to find sustainable funding opportunities for housing in order to bring more affordable units to market.  Already, the HDC has begun working with local developers and service providers in new ways, showing that we can achieve more.

Simply put, without significant investments from the other levels of government we will never be able to put an end to housing instability in our communities.

All of this said, there are many reasons for hope. A National Housing Strategy is being developed and consultation with cities is happening at an unprecedented scale.

Locally, our council and our community is demonstrating that London is deeply committed to ending poverty and we know that social housing and affordable housing supports are the first major step towards that goal.

We are presented with an opportunity of a generation; an opportunity to take a new approach to housing that leaves no one behind. It is attainable, but all of us need to make clear that it is a priority. Just as my colleagues and I stood together last week, we need to come together as a community and say it loudly and clearly: It is time to end the housing crisis in Canada.



Mayor Matt Brown


At the National Housing Summit in Toronto with the Big City Mayors' Caucus

Newsletter_-_united_way_breakfast.JPG                                                  Serving breakfast at City Hall in support of the United Way


 Events and Occasions:

  • Mayoral Monday with Craig Needles on am980

  • Lunch with a delegation from Xinchang, China

  • Western Board of Governors retreat

  • Blackburn Sentinel Art Donation

  • Best Buddies Conference at the Hellenic Community Centre

  • Off-leash dog park dedication ceremony

  • United Way presentation

  • Meeting with Steve Holland

  • Swearing-in ceremony at the London Chamber of Commerce

  • Toronto National Housing Summit with the Big City Mayors’ Caucus

  • Meet with Teresa Carrier about ONERUN 2017

  • Lunch with John Geha and Stacey Evoy of LSTAR

  • Welcoming Lt. Governor the Honour Elizabeth Dowdeswell at Western University

  • Call with Pat O’Hagan

  • Meeting with the Economic Road Map Advisory Panel and Action Team Leaders

  • Lunch with Barry Callow

  • Meet with Brian Kellow and Medical Officer of Health Dr. Mackie

  • Serving at the United Way Breakfast at City Hall

  • Meeting with Sarah Merritt of the Old East Village BIA

  • Phone call with Steve Ryall

  • Graduation at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

  • Fanshawe infrastructure announcement

  • Fire Safety Week Kick-Off event

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony for Middlesex London EMS

  • Grand opening of the Infinity School Student’s Work Project


Infrastructure announcement at Fanshawe College  

Unveiling London’s newest off-leash dog park






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