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Newsletter September 1

Another long weekend has arrived, though with cooler temperatures, it feels like summer is coming to an early end.

To the teachers, students and parents, I hope the first day of school is an enjoyable one. To those who are driving in and around school zones, please be mindful of the 40 km/h maximum speed limit as posted.

This reduction began last year in an effort to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in and around school zones. Pedestrian safety is a priority in the City of London’s Road Safety Strategy 2014-2019, and I am confident that this initiative will make walking or biking to school a safe choice. For more information on the Road Safety Strategy, click here.

I would also like to wish our Muslim community Eid Mubarak as they celebrate Friday. I took part in the Eid prayer at St. Andre Bessette and was so happy to speak with many in the community.

The London Muslim Mosque has long partnered with interfaith groups in our city for programs and events. I am so pleased to see these groups, and the greater London community, working together. London continues to be a welcoming and inclusive city, and these partnerships strengthen that message.

The 9th Annual Hike for Hospice, raising funds for St. Joseph’s Hospice, returns on September 30th. Thank you to everybody at St. Joseph’s Hospice for the compassionate, end of life care they provide. For more information about the event, like how to register, click here.

Finally, our new online portal for Service London has been up and running since the end of April, making it easy for you to report a number of different issues, from potholes to concerns about construction projects to roads not being plowed and so much more. It is a user-friendly, accessible way to reach City Hall with your concerns at all hours of the day.

If you haven’t already, please visit and bookmark for future use.



Matt Brown

Joined by MPs Kate Young and Peter Fragiskatos as well as Councillor Michael Van Holst at the Gas Tax Funding Announcement.

At St. Andre Bessette with our Muslim community celebrating Eid Al-Adha.


Events and Occasions:

  • SoHo Celebrates 150
  • Meeting with Ali Jomar
  • Meeting with Brandon Laan and Greg Wasko, Race Roster
  • 2017 Pillar Community Innovation Awards Finalists announcement
  • Meeting with Steve Ryall
  • Meeting with Reverend Pail Millward, Dean of Huron and Rector of St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Trojan 40th Anniversary celebration
  • Chippewa of the Thames First Nation consultations
  • Meeting with Huda Al-Abouyi
  • Tour of St. Joseph’s Hospice
  • Meeting with Shannon Regan, Terry Fox Run
  • Meeting with Michael Lerner and Faisal Joseph
  • Meeting with Chris Lee
  • Eid Prayer at St. Andre Bessette Catholic Secondary School
  • Meeting with Pauline Halstead, Abilities in Motion
  • Door knocking in Ward 4

Together with City of London and Trojan staff celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Congratulations to the finalists of the Pillar Community Innovation Awards that were announced this week.

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