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Newsletter September 15

We are one week away from the largest airshow in Canada taking over the skies of London.

Airshow London returns next week with dozens of aircraft from across North America and around the world ready to be showcased.

I would like to thank all of the many sponsors, organizers and volunteers involved with Airshow London for their hard work in getting this off the ground once again. This event brings thousands of people from across the region to our backyard. It is a thrilling weekend, and I am looking forward to participating in it once again.

To learn more or to purchase tickets, please click here.

Meanwhile, this weekend is Doors Open London, where residents have a chance to see behind the scenes of buildings they may pass by every day. It is a way to celebrate our culture and our history free of charge. Thank you to the London Heritage Council and London Life for making this weekend possible.

Finally, it is critical that Londoners play an active role in their community. That is why, as part of our Strategic Plan, we are committed to engaging and empowering neighbourhoods across the city through the Neighbourhood Decision Making Program.

Starting today, Londoners will be able to submit ideas to enhance their respective neighbourhoods. Submissions will be voted on (on November 18), and the winning idea will get $50,000 to help make it a reality.

We have seen such success with the SPARKS! Neighbourhood Matching Fund that we are expanding it to the Neighbourhood Decision Making Program. This way, Londoners will be able to have a greater say over how money is spent in their community. Over the past seven years, $350,000 has been allocated to fund 87 projects aimed at bringing people together and beautifying neighbourhoods.

For information on the program and how to submit ideas click here.



Matt Brown

The Global Student Leadership Summit will welcome thousands of student leaders from around the world to London.

With my council colleagues and other elected representatives for the Kiwanis Park Pathway Connection Project.


Events and Occasions: 

  • September 11 Memorial at London Fire Department
  • Recovery Breakfast Rally
  • Meeting with Abe Oudshoorn
  • Meeting with John Schindler
  • Meeting with Leith Coghlan
  • Global Student Leadership Summit Press Conference
  • Kiwanis Bike Trail event
  • L’Arche Gathering Place Grand Opening
  • Terry Fox Run at St. Paul Catholic School
  • Partners for Safer Communities at Labatt Brewery

Speaking at the Recovery Breakfast Rally at Covent Garden Market.

Joined by staff at Labatt Brewery launching "Partners for Safer Communities."

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