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Newsletter September 16th

Our city is truly growing inward and upward. 

Council has approved a new $300-million development for the downtown core that will bring nearly 1,000 new residents to Talbot St.


Rygar Properties is planning to build London’s tallest building, a mixed-use highrise, with a 38 storey tower and a 29 storey tower connected by a nine storey structure.


This is the London Plan. This is what our city needs to ensure sustainable growth in our core. Between developments such as this one and our SHIFT rapid transit plans we can and will create a bustling, thriving urban centre connected to our outer-lying communities.


London is living up to its potential as a world class host for world class events. This past month we welcomed Country Music Week. Thousands upon thousands of country music fans flocked to London to take in the dozens of events and concerts planned throughout the week.


I would like to thank Tourism London, our policing partners and all of those at the City of London who worked tirelessly to pull off a truly fantastic event.


Country Music Week was immediately followed up by the London Airshow. It has been 12 years since our city hosted an airshow. Now it's bigger and better than ever, with a line-up of planes, jets and helicopters that is sure to impress aviation enthusiasts from across the region.


Thank you to the host committee for bringing the Airshow back to London. We are looking forward to what the future years entail.

There is so much happening in London this weekend. If you’re looking for food and fun the Western Fair and Dundas Street Festival offer something for everyone. Once again, London is on.



Mayor Matt Brown

NEWSLETTER_-_SKYDIVING.JPGSkydiving with the Skyhawks at the London Airshow



 Events and Occasions:

  • Attended announcement of $66-million Federal Grant for Brain Research at Western University

  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day Open House with FASD Elgin, London, Middlesex, Oxford

  • Warriors Day Celebration at Western Fair to honour our veterans and their families

  • Grand Opening of Mathnasium Learning Centre

  • Canadian Country Music Award Gala Dinner & Awards Show

  • September 11th Memorial Event with local Emergency Services

  • Canadian Country Music Awards & Reception

  • Mayoral Monday interview with Craig Needles on AM980

  • Recovery Day Rally at Covent Garden Market

  • Flight with Gregory “Wired” Colyer in the T-33 Ace Maker above London

  • Tour of Family Service Thames Valley

  • Met with Councillor Park and Kelly Paleczny of LTC

  • Riverlife Presentation with London Community Foundation

  • Met with Kate Young, MP & Peter Fragiskatos MP

  • London Police Services Board Meeting

  • Jump with Canadian Forces, Skyhawks from CC-130 Hercules

  • Air Show Reception & Hour of Power Airshow event



With Canadian Country Music Association President Don Green 


Council Briefs:  

  • Council approved a residential/commercial development at 100 Fullarton St., 475-501 Talbot St. and 93-95 Dufferin Ave.

  • Council approved expropriation of lands as required to accommodate the widening and improvement of the roadway between Oxford Street West and Platt’s Lane.

  • Council requested City staff report back of processes and practices to ensure Provincial legislation regarding pay equity is being met and advising what enhancements and steps Council might take to address any gaps.

  • Council received for information a mid-year update on employee absenteeism.

  • Council accepted the London ON Bikes Cycling Master Plan and directed staff to place the document on public record for a 30-day review period.

  • Council received for information a report regarding unmanned air vehicles (drones) use on the municipal environment.

  • Council voted to approve renewal contract options for curbside collection and material recovery.

  • Council received for information the London Transit Commission 2015 annual report.

  • Council directed staff to work with the London Transit Commission to move existing bus routes on the Downtown core section of Dundas Street by September 2017.

  • Council directed staff to circulate for public comment draft terms of reference regarding an urban agriculture strategy.

  • Council approved a zoning change to the property at 21 Wharncliffe Road South (Children’s Museum) to permit residential/office development.

  • Council directed staff to report back re plans to put in place community event programming on the Dundas Flex Street project.

Taking part in the #OneBagChallenge to support local food banks


In the T-33 Acemaker with Gregory “Wired” Colyer

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